Crest Tires looking to return human ashes accidentally left behind

Updated: Aug. 14, 2018 at 9:49 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - About a month ago, a clerk at a Crest Tires location found a mysterious box as she was closing.

"She seemed to remember an older gentleman who had come in and seemed to have it tucked under his arm, but laid it down for some reason," said Jeni Castillo, a manager at Crest Tires.

The clerk assumed that somebody would come back for this box, but after weeks of waiting, realized that might not happen.

"Here about a week ago when she opened up the box again, she started asking people 'What do you think this is?' and everybody kept telling her 'Oh, I think it's human ashes," Castillo said. "After enough of that, within this last week, we decided we really needed to make a post about it and to verify whether or not these were human ashes."

After confirming with a local funeral home that these were in fact human ashes, on Tuesday, Crest Tires made a Facebook post to find the owner of these remains, which were in a surprisingly discrete box.

"When I looked at the picture, it looked like it was a really big box and I thought, if somebody lays that behind, they're going to say 'oh, I'll be able to find it," Castillo explained. "But when I looked at the actual box and how little it is, I realized that somebody probably could have had that on them and just set it down. For a whole month now, they've probably been looking for this and that's the sad part about it."

"Our hope is that we get these remains back to who they belong to and that they no longer worry about where they're at. The purpose of going to Facebook, of course, was to make this happen and... we just want them to go back to where they belong."

Crest Tires is not releasing which location these remains were left in, in the hopes that it will help them find the true owner.

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