Residents react to Shallowater City Council vote to abandon city EMS services

Updated: Aug. 20, 2018 at 10:30 PM CDT
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SHALLOWATER, TX (KCBD) - Although the Shallowater City Council has already approved a measure to dissolve the town's current EMS service, tonight the community turned out in large numbers to voice their concern.

Many of the Shallowater citizens who showed up Monday night had recently been transported to the hospital by EMS. with the fear that the city council's decision, said to be the result of budgeting issues, may put them or their family members in jeopardy.

"Response times could go from two to five minutes, anywhere between 15 to 18 minutes, up to 29 which is allowed by the county," said Krystle Garner with Shallowater EMS.

Doctor Brian Carreon, a Shallowater physician employed by UMC physicians, was the first of many to speak to the council about their decision.

"I hope that today by the impassioned pleas and the way that these people presented their stories today, that the council and UMC will come to an agreement to where they can find a way to keep the truck in town."

Carreon, who is also a member of the school board, understands the position that the council is in and says that he believes the council is ultimately acting in the best interest of Shallowater.

"Sometimes they're privy to information that we don't have as a community and so it's my hope, and I certainly don't have any reason to believe otherwise, that those guys are acting in anything but in the best interest of the community." Carreon said. "We just want to make sure that it wasn't a rash decision. Hopefully they've taken their time, and I trust that they have, to crunch the numbers and make sure that this is what's going to work for Shallowater."

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