Consider This: How to clean up the mess Gov. Abbott made at Texas Tech

Consider This: How to clean up the mess Gov. Abbott made at Texas Tech

The hatchet job done on Texas Tech Chancellor Bob Duncan continues to backfire on the Texas Tech Board of Regents and Governor Greg Abbott.

Regents Chairman Rick Francis released his justification for the Board's decision to let Duncan go. It was all smoke and mirrors and made Francis look even less of a leader than he's already shown.

If the Regents don't like the budget submitted to them, they can make adjustments. If it's growing too much you say "no." That's a Regent's responsibility.

Past the half-truths and irrelevant information of Rick Francis' hit piece on Duncan, there was one nugget of truth. Francis promised to "aggressively" pursue a dental school in El Paso.

Duncan was fired because he supported a vet school and Chairman Rick Francis, along with a group of other regents, appears determined to move Texas Tech to El Paso one brick at a time, something he's been doing for the entire 18 years he's been a Regent.

I've been told numerous times by informed sources, Francis doesn't want the vet school because it competes with his pet projects in El Paso.

And Wednesday, the real culprit behind this mess is coming to Lubbock with his hand out: Governor Greg Abbott.

But Abbott isn't inviting everyone to his fundraiser, in fact his staff called and uninvited businessman George McMahan, a true Red Raider and a man loved by many in this community, because McMahan has questioned the Governor on social media.

Well Governor Abbott, I've got some questions too, and it starts with your relationship with Aggie Chancellor John Sharp.

Consider this: it's time for full-fledged investigation of how the Governor manipulated the firing and slander of Chancellor Bob Duncan.

Lawmakers need to change how Regents are selected, including term limits and making sure at least some of the seats are filled by regents from Lubbock County.

Chairman Rick Francis should step down immediately or at least not to be reappointed this January, as 18 years being a regent is way too long, but we will see if his money gets him reappointed by Abbott.

So Governor, it is your move!


Consider This: A world-class university deserves a world-class vet school

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