Villa Town Motel still a pile of rubble, 4 months after fire

Villa Town Motel still a pile of rubble, 4 months after fire

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's been four months since a fire ripped through the Villa Town Motel in the 5400 block of Avenue Q.

Not long after, the City Codes Department sent crews to demolish what was left of the building, leaving nothing but rubble and debris. Now that debris still sits there, four months later.

Developers had big plans fire the site before the fire. The motel was bought out by Banyan Strategies LLC. The company was going to put in $1.5 million for renovations to make the once rundown motel into something more upscale, but less than a week later, those plans went up in flames.

"The structure damage, the fire damage was enough to make the rest of the building unstable and dangerous so at that point the city declared an emergency demolition and put it on the ground. That way no one could be hurt, injured, or killed," Code Administration Director Stuart Walker said.

Four months later, the site is nothing but broken beams, rubble, and ash.

"The city went in, and due to the fire damage, abated the immediate threat to health and safety," he said.

The City Codes Department says they have no plans for the land right now, but it's not up to them for the clean up. It's actually up to the property owner on what happens next, Bayan Strategies LLC.

"At this point it's simply a pile of rubble, it's not going to catch fire again or anything like that so we are basically waiting on the property owner deciding on what to do and watch them follow through," Walker said. "Depending on their action, the city may have to get involved again, it may not."

There is no timeline for when the area might be cleaned up. We reached out to the property owners, but have no received a response as of Thursday. City code officials tell us the owners have been cooperating with them, and if it comes to it the city will get involved.

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