Lubbock family warns of destructive washing machine malfunction

Lubbock family warns of 'exploding' washing machine (6 p.m.)
Washing machine damage (Source: Uline Family)
Washing machine damage (Source: Uline Family)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock family is warning other consumers about what they describe as a washing machine "explosion," after similar models were subject to a recall.

Brian and Bree Uline had put their 3-year-old daughter down for a nap in her room, which shares a wall with their laundry room.

"She got up from her nap once before this and said she heard noises," Bree said. "Her daddy went in and checked her room for noises and she went back to bed. Then, as soon as we heard the loud noise like, metal clanking and falling. It sounded like something hit the house. She screamed at the top of her lungs right after it happened. We ran to her thinking something bad had happened to her."

Brian also ran outside thinking something had exploded but then heard the family's dog in the laundry room.

"I walked in there and saw the entire top of the washer ripped off," Brian said. "The thing is mangled. It spun around about two thirds of the way around. The entire top of the control panel, everything got ripped off of it."

The cables and hoses hooked up to the wall kept the LG Top Load Washer from spinning completely around. The Ulines say they were washing bed sheets at the time the machine came apart, something they say they've done numerous times.

"It sounded like it just started spinning and normally you would expect it to stop if the load was uneven or something like that," Brian said. "It just tore the top off the entire unit, kind of exploded there."

The couple says the machine was purchased from Best Buy in December of 2012. LG issued a recall that month for this issue. However, this machine's model number, WT5170HV, was not included in the recall. The machine has now been discontinued.

"We picked one we thought looked good and had all the features we wanted but we didn't Google the brand and see if there were any problems, especially problems this serious," Bree said.

Brian says he called customer service about the incident and was told an authorized technician would have to be sent to check the machine. As of Monday morning, he had no success in getting a technician dispatched.

"I left a couple of messages," Brian said. "I actually posted to Twitter and tried to get a response out of LG that way. My wife posted to Facebook, too. Between all that, I was hoping to get a response of some sort. They've been less than helpful so far."

KCBD NewsChannel 11 attempted to call the LG Media Contact for Home Appliances but there was no answer and the mailbox was full. An email was also sent to the representative.

Brian tells KCBD the machine has a 10 year motor and drum warranty so he hopes there is a replacement. The family wants other consumers to be aware of the issue.

"If you can get a repair person out to check it or something like that, do anything you can," Brian said. "This is just something you would never expect to happen."

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