Consider This: Rick Francis fired Chancellor Duncan on his own initiative

Consider This: Rick Francis fired Chancellor Duncan on his own initiative

Last week Board of Regents Chairman Rick Francis released a statement claiming the only action taken regarding Chancellor Bob Duncan was "a decision supported by the majority of the board to not renew the chancellor's contract."

This week, I've heard that's not the whole story.

At the end of the executive session, when the decision was made to not renew the Chancellor's contract, Bob Duncan was still employed with the university through the end of next June.

Duncan was fired later, in a private conversation with Francis and regent Mickey Long, when Duncan asked about working on behalf of Texas Tech in Austin through the end of the legislative session, a role that Duncan is an expert at.

It was then, outside the presence of the rest of the regents, that Chairman Francis took it upon himself to tell the Chancellor his services were no longer needed.

Duncan, being the class act that he is, immediately offered his resignation.

And the Governor must have known exactly what was going on. Listen to his response to KCBD reporter Shaley Sanders' question:

Shaley asked, "Have you communicated with the Board of Regents at all or with former Chancellor Duncan?"

Abbott said, "Of that entire group you mentioned, the only person I've talked to earlier this week was Rick Francis, the chairman of the board, to find out what was going on, where we were, where we're going..."

Consider this … since Francis fired Chancellor Duncan on his own initiative, every Texas Tech supporter and alumni should ask for his immediate resignation. They should contact the Governor and Senator Charles Perry and ask them to not reappoint Rick Francis to the Texas Tech Board of Regents when his term ends in January of 2019.

If you agree with me, we've made it easy for you to contact the Governor and Senator by going to and

We've seen this before with the regents and the Leach debacle … Texas Tech does not know how to right a wrong.

This time, someone has to be held accountable.

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