Drivable sports car created with Legos

Drivable sports car created with Legos

(CNN) - High-powered sports cars are toys for adults. Legos are a fan favorite for kids.

Those two have come together as one, with a full-sized sports car built largely out of Lego parts.

To the left, you see a Bugatti Chiron, with top speeds of more than 200 mph. To the right, the same car built from more than a million plastic Lego parts.

The electrically-powered car took 13,000 hours to build and made its public debut on Thursday.

The build-team assembled hundreds of types of Lego technic elements without even using glue.

Even one of their tools was made from Legos.

The Lego Bugatti does include some non-Lego material, and it's June test-drive top speed of 12 miles per hour was, of course, no match for the real Bugatti.

Still, it's an amazing feat of creativity and engineering.

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