LPD holding motorcycle training for first time in 4 years

LPD holding motorcycle training, first time in 4 years

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - There are currently only a handful of motorcycle officers at the Lubbock Police Department.

In order to become part of this squad, officers must go through intensive training to join the specialized division. This week, they held training classes for the first time in more than four years.

Brooks Jennings, a motorcycle officer with the Lubbock Police Department, is teaching the training class.

He says, "The training they go through, and it's incredibly difficult, it's to make them better and to keep them safe in the streets."

There are prerequisites before officers can even sign up for the class.

"We're a specialized division. You have to start off as a patrol at least two years and you can put in for our school," Brooks says. "There is a prerequisite that they have to meet, which is lifting a downed motorcycle and push it ten feet forward and ten feet back. Once they pass that prerequisite then they can come to the basic school."

Once they complete the course, it's test time. If they pass, they get a special reward.

Brooks says, "They get rewarded wings that go on our uniform. Currently out of the police department, there are 15 to 18 people that actually have those wings out of 450-plus officers. Very prideful to earn those. It's definitely an earned position."

Currently, there are only 11 motorcycle cops in the department. There is not currently an open position, leaving many of the certified officers waiting on a spot to open.

"I waited for two years. Some guys waited as long as seven years. If we qualify all 10 of these, some of them could be looking at a seven to 10-year waiting list," Brooks says, "so, we don't have a very high turnover of motors. Once we get in this spot, we pretty much stay put."

Proving their life's work is their passion.

"We all do it because of the love of it. So they're signing up not to just get a little bit of experience, they're signing up for a long-term deal to be proud of when they finish this class," Brooks says.

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