Lubbock Animal Shelter save rate up to 92.3 percent for July

Lubbock Animal Services improves save rate
Updated: Aug. 31, 2018 at 9:48 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The numbers for Lubbock Animal Services are in and Assistant Director Steven Greene says they speak for themselves.

"There has just been a change in philosophy a change in policy, procedure and vision," Greene said.

The numbers back it up the progress. The save-rate for July was 92.3 percent. For June it was 97.4 percent. Since March, the overall save right has jumped by 62 percent.

"We just have a lot of people now that want to kind of change direction from the old way of just housing animals," he said. "We are a lot more customer-friendly, citizen-friendly, and we want the community to be a part of it."

Greene says the progress is all thanks to the many different adoption events held at the shelter and off-site.

"We have got to where we take the animals to the people instead of them come to us," Greene said.

Staff members have also taken initiative outside the shelter so instead of taking stray animals into the facility, staff will work in the area where the animal was found to find the owner right then and there.

"We have started our return to owner out in the field. We have returned 135 animals out in the field to owners along with 54 this month alone. We started repairing fences this month and we repaired over 20 fences. All of those programs come together and increase the live release rate," he said. "That's 130 animals who didn't have to come to our facility."

With adoption events, reaching out to rescues, and other programs, Greene says the progress has grown exceptionally and they plan to continue it.

"You have to stay creative and keep reaching out to the people - keep networking transports and rescues nationwide and keep trying to save lives," Greene said.

Here is a list of the Lubbock Animal Shelter's upcoming events:

  • Sept. 1 - "Bark to School" off-site Adoption Event at TTU
  • Sept. 1 - Boys Scout Troop – Bringing Donations
  • Sept. 4 - Volunteer Orientation 5:30-7:00pm
  • Sept. 15 - 1000-1400 Microchip/Adoptions Event Cooper Rawlings
  • Sept. 15 - Boston Creek Apartment – Adoption Event
  • Sept. 18 - Furry 500 Volunteer Orientation 5:30-7:00pm
  • Sept. 18 - Puppy Therapy/Adoption Event with Parks & Recreation
  • Sept. 21 - Puppy Therapy/Adoption Event with Parks & Recreation/UW
  • Sept. 24 - Body Works – Education/Adoption Event
  • Sept. 22 - 1000-1300 Furry 500 II
  • Oct. 6 - 1000-1200 Adoption/Education Event at The Garden Bar
  • Oct. 13 - 1000-1600 Cars for Canines Microchip Event
  • Oct. 27 - The Pit Stop Microchip/Adoptions/Spay/Neuter Event

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