Football team ends 77-game long losing streak

Football team ends 77 game-long losing streak

FORT WORTH, TX (KTVT/CNN) - A Texas high school football team is celebrating the end of a 10-year losing streak.

It happened in Fort Worth Thursday night.

Pandemonium erupted on the football field as the Diamond Hill-Jarvis Eagles break the curse.

It was their first win in a decade.

"I was mind blown because I have never had that support from my community," said Eddrick Hampton, Eagles running back.

Hampton scored several of the touchdowns as they defeated Dallas Conrad 40 to 12 in their first game of the season.

A surprise parade was held for the football players in the halls of the school the morning after the win.

"It does feel like there's new life that's been breathed into the program," said Oscar Castillo, the Eagles football coach. "I had kids, 'Coach, I want to play, I want to play,' before I begged them to play."

Castillo took over as head coach in 2017.

The Eagles have been in a rebuilding phase since then.

Parents said the coaching staff has implemented new training standards and encouraged accountability.

But it was a job coach Castillo almost didn't take.

"It took me a month before I even applied for the job because I had just got remarried and I was like, I don't know even I need to take that on, too," Castillo said.

The coach and players are well aware this is just one game.

"The streak doesn't mean anything to me," Castillo said. "As long as we just keep working hard I believe we can achieve more wins."

The team has nine more games left.

They've already been back to work on the field and in the weight room.

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