TTU Career Closet helps students dress for success before job interviews

TTU Career Closet helps students dress for success before job interviews

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Everybody knows to dress for success in your career, especially during the interview process.

Now, Texas Tech's career center is taking that idea to the next level for their students. The career closet for students started two years ago, created after students kept asking the counselor what to wear to job interviews.

"Tech students can come in once per year and get a complete outfit: a jacket, slacks, skirt, skirt, tie, shoes, belt, the whole nine yards," TTU Career Counselor Toni Krebbs said.

It's all free and students get to keep what they take. Right now, the career center has two fully-stocked closets. Their goal is to prepare students for their big job interviews.

"They come in, they find something they like, they take it, and they never have to bring it back. I tell them it's a good way to start their wardrobe, then they can buy some pieces, but just getting that foundation started is typically what we are hoping for," Krebbs said.

This closet has received more than 70 donations and helped 170 students. The whole point of this closet is to help students and make them feel confident about the job they're about to interview for.

"Dressing professionally, dressing for success, and looking good makes a lot of difference especially when they are already a little bit nervous going in for an interview. But if they look good and their resume looks good and they practiced their mock interview, they usually surprise themselves how well they do," she said.

But with tens of thousands of students on campus, the program needs more clothes. Most of the clothes donated to the career closet are from faculty and staff at Tech. Now they are asking the community for help. The career center is looking for professional clothes donations.

Those interested in donating clothes can contact the University Career Center at (806) 742-2210.

For list of clothes available to students, click here.

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