Neighbors rally to memorialize Tech Terrace explosion victim

Tech Terrace memorial
Updated: Sep. 10, 2018 at 9:57 PM CDT
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It's been almost six months since a home exploded in Tech Terrace, killing two people.

The explosion killed the owner of the home and 45-year-old Dr. Rodica Gelca, who was struck by a compressed gas canister and killed as she was fighting the fire from the initial explosion.

Her husband, Razvan Gelca, says the pain has never gone away, it's just gotten worse, but now he along with his neighbors are trying to create something beautiful in her memory. Razvan and his Tech Terrace neighbors want to create a beautiful art piece so people will never forget the kind of person she was.

"There's something special in her eyes, you felt so comforted by her look," Razvan said.

Razvan will never forget how happy he was with his wife, but now, six months after her death, he feels overwhelming emptiness.

"Enormous emptiness. I feel very lonely and I feel also that I have lost a great support," he said.

Razvan lost his biggest supporter and the love of his life, but he never expected to gain the support of his Tech Terrace neighbors.

"I continue my life with one maybe ray of happiness in my life, knowing I have such good people around me," he said.

His neighbors came up with the idea to memorialize Rodica, since she was a dear friend to many of them. They wanted to do it with a piece of art in her name.

"It is a very caring community, it is a concerned community, and a very loving community. I think that's what makes this memorial even more poignant," Tech Terrace neighbor Margaret William said.

"I think this work of art that I have envisioned, stimulated by my friends, by my neighbors, I think this will allow her to give something after her death," Razvan said.

The art piece is still in the early stages, but they plan to have it placed in Tech Terrace Park. Not only does Razvan want this memorial to represent his wife, he wants it to be something that touches anyone who walks past it.

"The way I see it is something valuable that should stand by itself and should continue her work. I think it should be something that benefits people, that should make people happy," he said.

Funding will be private through go fund me which has not been set up as of right now.

We'll share the link here as soon as the fund has been established.

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