Gulf system may bring South Plains rain

Gulf system may bring South Plains rain
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(KCBD) - While a tropical disturbance may affect our weather down the road (read on), there's more of the same the next few days.

Low clouds and patchy fog are possible each morning from around sunrise until mid-morning with low temperatures in the 50s and 60s. Mostly sunny skies can be expected each afternoon with high temperatures in the 80s.

The referenced tropical disturbance, which I also mentioned Tuesday, now is over the southern Gulf of Mexico and gradually drifting northwest. It may become a tropical depression Thursday or Friday before it reaches the western Gulf Coast.

It is expected to bring heavy rainfall and gusty winds to northeastern Mexico and South Texas. Heavy rain likely will accompany the remnants, but models differ on the track.

As of this morning models point mostly to a westward track toward the Texas Big Bend, but of the outliers one tracks the remnants into our area while another turns it northeast while still over the Gulf and tracks it into Louisiana.

Our forecast continues to reflect a chance the Gulf system may bring us rain this weekend. Still favoring the southeastern viewing area.

Repeating what I wrote Tuesday, a slight shift in strength or track one way could mean a cloudy and wet weekend while the other way a mostly sunny and very warm weekend. Watch our forecast on-air, on-line and in-app.

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