The Bedazzler: Does It Work?

Published: Oct. 26, 2006 at 1:40 AM CDT|Updated: Dec. 14, 2014 at 2:04 AM CST
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Add sparkle and excitement to any outfit quickly and easily. I am going to "Bedazzle" an old white-T-shirt, red handkerchief, blue jeans, and black purse. The package comes with 250 colored rhinestones and studs, an iron on design guide, plungers, and of course you can't dazzle without the Bedazzler! It all cost 20 bucks, but Does It Work?

I was ready to design after reading the instructions. Just put the stud in the plunger, find where you want it on the material, and press hard!

The stud was in place, but how good?  Not all of the stud arms were bending and latching onto the material.

I changed out the plunger for the jewels. I moved to the thinnest part of the jeans to create a design.   If you make a mistake, you have to "pick" the stud off to remove it.  It came off after picking at it several times.

We moved on to the handkerchief.  The studs were grabbing hold to the material.   Better than the jeans.  Next, we tried the Bedazzler on the old white T-shirt.   I dazzled the neckline and again, the studs were attached pretty good.

For our next challenge, we tried a thick black leather purse.  I turned the purse on its side to see how well they laid on the surface after I created my design.  I noticed a few of them popping up and not laying flat.

In the end, the T-shirt looked fine and so did the handkerchief.  What about those jeans?  I created a star that looked pretty good for my first time.  However, I am leery of how long the studs and jewels will stay attached to the garments.

The Bedazzler was fun and easy to use. Does It Work?  I give it a big Bedazzled "?."