Former Lubbock Pastor Faces 40 Felony Charges

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff
Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

A former Lubbock pastor now stands indicted on more than 40 counts of federal fraud. Some of the charges James Clark is accused of are stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a federal program and compelling prostitution from a foreign college student in exchange for the payment of her college tuition.

James Clark is the former pastor of Mount Vernon United Methodist Church here in Lubbock. Last month we told you Clark faced money-laundering charges. Back in April of 2006, he was also indicted in Hockley County for ''compelling prostitution'' after he allegedly brought a Kenyan woman to the U.S., and forced her to perform sexual acts in exchange for her college tuition payments. That investigation led to federal charges of mail fraud and money laundering.

Clark is now accused of stealing nearly $587,000 from the USDA's summer food program. He allegedly:

  • Falsified documents naming the Mount Vernon United Methodist Church as a summer food program provider
  • Court documents say Clark also forged the names of two church officers on those papers.
  • He reportedly used the money to purchase vehicles, rental property, remodel his home, and pay personal tuition
  • And regarding the charge of compelling prostitution, Clark also faces federal charges of importation of an alien for immoral purposes

Right now, we aren't sure what penalties Clark could face if found guilty, but we will bring you the latest developments as they become available.

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A Lubbock pastor is behind bars. Investigators say he offered to bring a foreign woman to the South Plains for an education. What she didn't know was that she would reportedly be paying with sex.