Woman Hospitalized After Vicious Dog Attack

Published: Jul. 9, 2007 at 9:23 PM CDT|Updated: Dec. 14, 2014 at 8:47 AM CST
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A Lubbock woman is in surgery after being attacked by a German Shepherd Monday morning. That dog is now in the custody of Lubbock's Animal Control.

Lubbock's Animal Control responded to a number of animal bites over the weekend, including two serious ones. Now two male German Shepherds remain in the custody of Lubbock's Animal Control for the same reason, attacking and causing significant harm to their victims.

"This is the first time I've heard of him really biting anybody," says neighbor Yolanda Ingold.

A German Shepherd allegedly attacked 31-year-old Beth Cory as she was going to her mailbox at 73rd and Hickory. An ambulance took her to UMC with bites on both her legs as well as one to her right shoulder, bites that now require surgery.

Neighbors claim the dog has been violent in the past.

"The girl that he attacked, it was her dog that he killed," says Ingold.

Cory's family members say the German Shepherd killed Cory's Boston terrier just three months ago.

And for the most recent attack, Kevin Overstreet, Director of Lubbock's Animal Control, says the dog's owners will receive a citation.

"Pet owners are responsible for making sure their property is secured and that animals aren't able to get out and if for some reason they do we have to hold them accountable," says Overstreet.

And a new law will do just that beginning September 1st. Pet owners could face third degree felony charges and face two to ten years in prison if their animal viciously attacks a person.

But those charges probably wouldn't apply to another attack in Lubbock this weekend; in that case, a different German Shepherd attacked a postal carrier attempting to deliver mail in the 1900 Block of 73rd Street.

"A small child had opened the door and at that time the dog exited the residence and attacked the postal worker," says Overstreet.

The postal carrier was taken by ambulance to Covenant where he received 100 stitches to the face.

"We really feel like the animal was protecting its property," says Overstreet.

In either case the city wants to remind pet owners of the rules.

"We do have a leash law in the City of Lubbock and that's covered by our city ordinance. It's so important for people to be mindful, especially if they have an aggressive animal, to make sure they are not able to get outside the fence or home and if they do have them outside to have a leash on the animal," says Overstreet.

Violating the pet leash ordinance could result in a fine of up to $200.

Overstreet tells NewsChannel 11 Animal Control has responded to 237 animal bite incidents since January first of this year.

Beth Cory, the woman who was attacked Monday morning, remains at UMC Monday evening.  The postal carrier who was attacked on Saturday has since been released from Covenant and is recovering at home this evening.

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