Lubbock County Sheriff Makes Administrative Assignments Over Detention Branch

Danny Downes
Danny Downes
Kelly Rowe
Kelly Rowe

Lubbock County Sheriff David Gutierrez announced Monday that Dallas County Assistant Chief Deputy Danny Downes has joined the Administration of the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office as the Major over the Detention Branch. The major's position at the Sheriff's Office had been held since 2001 by the late Jerry Baggs who passed away last fall.

Most recently, Kelly Rowe had been serving in the position. The Commissioners' Court recently assisted the Sheriff's Office in establishing the position of Chief Deputy over the Detention Branch. Kelly Rowe has been promoted into this new position directly under the Sheriff, overseeing the Detention Branch.

Sheriff Gutierrez knows the value of these men in his administration, "The Detention Branch of the Sheriff's Office is growing at a rapid pace as we prepare current detention operations for transition process to the new direct supervision facility. The next two years our office and the status of detention operations in Lubbock County will be looked to as a role-model for other counties in Texas and across the nation looking to move into the 21st Century in detention technology and operations. Chief Deputy Rowe and Major Downes are two men who know this industry well and I look forward to utilizing their expertise and management skills."

Downes resigned his position serving the Dallas County Sheriff's Office as Assistant Chief Deputy to Sheriff Lupe Valdez to make the move to Lubbock. In Dallas, Downes oversaw the Inmate Housing Bureau where he was responsible for an average daily population of 7,500 inmates and 1,500 employees. He is a past president of the Texas Jail Association who has been in the jail business 15 years. Downes previously served 12 years with McLennan County Sheriff's Office where he was in charge of a 937 bed jail and over 200 employees.

"I am pleased to join the staff of such a well-respected organization. I am looking forward to the challenges of transitioning to a new, state-of-the-art, direct supervision facility and am happy to assist the Sheriff make this a smooth and successful transition for the Sheriff's Office," Downes said.

Sheriff Gutierrez was looking towards the future when he recruited Downes to his administration, "I truly believe that Danny's leadership and vision will be a huge asset to the Sheriff's Office and will be invaluable during the transition to our new facility. I look forward to the insight and experience he will provide to our Detention Branch."

Chief Downes received his Peace Officer License in 2000 from the Heart of Texas Police Academy and was Valedictorian of his class. He holds certificates through the Texas Commission on Law enforcement Officer Standards and Education for Advanced Jailer, Advanced Peace Officer and Instructor Proficiency and is certified by the American Jail Association as a Certified Jail Manager and is a member of the Texas Jail Association, the American Jail Association, the American Correctional Association and the Sheriff's Association of Texas. Chief Downes holds an Associates Degree in Electronics from National Education Center of Southern California and has additional hours of college credit toward a degree in Public Administration from Redrocks Community College in Denver and currently has 3,077 hours of TCLEOSE credit for continuing education in law enforcement and corrections training.

Chief Rowe has worked with Major Downes in various jail-related organizations and is excited to work with him at the Sheriff's Office. "Danny took over as the President of the Texas Jail Association the year after I was President so I had the opportunity to work closely with him at TJA. I look forward to working with him in this capacity to help make our transition successful. I am honored for the opportunity afforded to me by Sheriff Gutierrez to lead the transition into the new facility with the most experienced staff possible."

Chief Downes has been married to his wife Martha for almost 30 years. Prior to his career in detention he served in the United States Air Force during the Viet Nam conflict as a Vietnamese Linguist. "I have heard wonderful things about Lubbock and am excited for my wife to soon join me as we experience this great community together," Downes said.

Source: Lubbock County Sheriff's Office

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