Rosendo Rodriguez Murder Trial - Day Two Wrap Up

Published: Mar. 26, 2018 at 2:43 PM CDT
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Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff
Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

Day two of the Rosendo Rodriguez capital murder trial is now history. On Tuesday the prosecution presented more evidence that they say will link Rodriguez to the murder of Summer Baldwin. Some of that evidence fueled courtroom fireworks.

In testimony from several Lubbock Police Department detectives we learned about evidence left in the hotel room where Summer Baldwin died and more details on the suitcase Baldwin was found in on September 13, 2005.

The prosecution believes the suitcase was one of two purchased at Wal-Mart on September 12, 2005. The suitcase brand is sold only at Wal-Mart and the one Baldwin was found in has a serial number that tied it to the Wal-Mart on South Loop 289.

The prosecution also used surveillance video and debit card information to prove Rosendo Rodriguez did purchase the suitcase.

Rodriguez's debit card was also tied to room 609 at the Holiday Inn Civic Center in Lubbock - the same room evidence shows Summer Baldwin's blood was found in and other evidence tying Rodriguez to the crime.

In other testimony from Lubbock Police we learned about Rodriguez's state of mind when he was being arrested. They said he was emotionless and asking no questions about why he was being arrested. He simply went with them.

In some courtroom fireworks, the defense and prosecution butted heads over copies of documents presented by the prosecution. The documents came from the Holiday Inn Civic Center. They were room key logs and on the documents, in addition to computer printing, was human handwriting. It was because of that handwriting the defense says the documents should not be used as evidence.

District attorney Matt Powell, using heated words, fired back at the defense attorneys saying they had seen these documents before and had no problem until now. Judge Jim Bob Darnell did allow the documents to be entered into evidence.

The day's testimony ended with what police found at Rodriguez's parents house in San Antonio, including the green shirt police believe is clearly seen in the Wal-Mart surveillance video from the night of September 12, 2005.

On Wednesday, the prosecution is expected to show the video of Rodriguez being interviewed by the police. NewsChannel 11 will be in the courtroom and will bring you the latest Wednesday on NewsChannel 11 at  5, 6  & 10.

Prosecutors Say Evidence Links Rodriguez to Baldwin Murder
Prosecutors say a paper trail ties Rosendo Rodriguez to the suitcase found at the landfill, and the hotel room where the crime allegedly took place.