Jurors Hear Rosendo Rodriguez's Version of Events

Published: Mar. 26, 2018 at 2:43 PM CDT
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The capital murder trial of Rosendo Rodriguez continued for a third day in Canyon. On Wednesday, jurors heard Rodriguez's version of events, the night he allegedly killed a Lubbock prostitute, Summer Baldwin, and her unborn child in his hotel room. Baldwin's body was found in a Lubbock landfill in September of 2005.

Prosecutors played a video tape of Rodriguez's interview with Lubbock Police following his arrest. He told detectives that after he and Baldwin had sex, she lit up a crack pipe. He objected, and knocked it out of her hand. He said that's when she pulled a knife out her purse, and demanded the pipe and her money. Rodriguez said they struggled, and her nose began to bleed. And after several minutes in a choke hold, Baldwin allegedly went limp.

Rodriguez told police that he sat in the hotel bathroom for several minutes, in shock. He checked her pulse, but could not find one. He said that's when he allegedly drove to Walmart, and purchased the suitcase used to dispose of Baldwin's body.

Rodriguez said he dropped the suitcase in a North Lubbock dumpster, and her belongings in other dumpsters. When asked why he did not attempt CPR, Rodriguez indicated to police that he was uncomfortable doing that because of the blood. He also claimed Baldwin's death happened during an act of self-defense. But on the stand today, Detective Chris Breunig testified that in his experience, Baldwin's injuries were not consistent with that of a woman fighting for her life.

Lubbock Medical Examiner also addressed that line of questioning, when he was called to the stand late Wednesday.  Justin Michaels is continuing to follow this trial from Randall County.

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