Britney's Fan Excitement Turns to Anger

Published: Jun. 15, 2002 at 9:05 PM CDT|Updated: Dec. 11, 2014 at 11:36 PM CST
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It was one of the most anticipated concerts to ever come to Lubbock. People were expecting to see Britney Spears at her best. But, all the fans got, was just a glimpse of the pop idol and a sorry apology.

"She doesn't care about all the flashy lights and all the booms and bangs. She just wanted to see her sing," says one mother. And so did everybody else.

Just minutes after Friday nights concert began, it was over. "There were little kids crying, they only got to watch her play two songs. My cousin was crying and she is 17," says one fan.

Thousands of fans were left confused and disappointed after they were told the Britney Spears concert was cancelled. A man came on stage with Britney and announced that they had lost power for the show and it would be unsafe to continue the concert. Fans say they are unhappy with the way Britney handled the situation.

"She laughed about it when she went off stage. She said 'don't boo' and then she just walked off, we thought it was a joke."

"She just gets out and says don't boo. She didn't even explain herself."

So without an explanation fans were left searching for answers. Some people said they thought a transformer blew out. Others say Britney's show may have been too elaborate for the arena.

"One of the boards, when it kept exploding it melted. It was very hot. One man said its happened before. So if it's happened before you would think they'd have a backup board to prevent all this."

NewsChannnel 11 contacted Kent Meredith, the manager of United Spirit Arena and he said a transformer blew out in the building and he is trying to figure out why it happened. Kent Meredith also said Britney's production manager made the decision to call the show off. No one ever talked it over with United Spirit Arena officials before it was called off.

On Monday we expect an announcement as to whether the concert will be rescheduled or if you'll get your money back. Until then, hold on to your ticket stubs.