Whatever Happened to Country Music's Shane Stockton?

He was a kid from a small town in Texas with a big time dream, and by the time he was 20 years-old his dream was already becoming a reality. In the late 90's, Shane Stockton's country music career hit a high note with a couple of top 20 hits and the music video's to boot. This singer song-writer from Breckenridge, Texas had a major record label and was well on his way to stardom. But along the way, Stockton had a conversation with God that would change his life, and would eventually land him right here in Lubbock.

For Shane Stockton this was the culmination of years of playing guitar and bouncing from one bar to the next entertaining country music fans everywhere. By the time he was 20, Shane Stockton, whose real name is Shane Brooks, was visiting Nashville regularly.

"In the meantime we're playing full-time at this point. I'd finally gotten my own band together. And we're playing 250 dates a year. I've been to 44 of the 50 states just playing music," says Brooks.

When he finally got a record deal with Decca Records, his country music career became something dreams are made of. After the deal, Shane's album 'Stories I Could Tell' was released and off of it came two top 20 hits, 'What if I'm right' and 'Gonna Have to Fall'. His music videos were all over the airwaves, he was opening for acts like George Strait and Clay Walker and country music fans across the country were taking to notice.

"We played on a George Strait tour and we took the stage and people just started screaming," says Brooks. But just as his music was gaining national attention and garnering interest all across the country, Shane was losing interest. "When it got to that point I really didn't enjoy it anymore. Nobody ever plays a song because it's good. It's because record labels call and offer favors," says Brooks.

Shane was unhappy and that is when he turned to God. "I started praying and God spoke to me and said, 'Shane stop playing country music and start preaching my word,' and there was no hesitation."

Shane started preaching at a small church in Rising Star, Texas and shortly after that, about a year ago, he got a call from a church here in Lubbock seeking a minister, Elgin Avenue Baptist.

Today, he has helped the church grow from 80 members to more than 200 members. "It was God rewarding our faith. It was this little church taking a chance on a nobody preacher and a nobody preacher taking a chance on a little church. It is a marriage that God and I have entered into. I'm in it for better or worse, for richer or poorer," says Brother Shane.