Affirm Skin Rejuvenation

Affirm Skin Rejuvenation
With Affirm skin rejuvenation laser treatments, fine lines, acne scars and leathery skin can be history. Using ultra-precise Combined Apex Pulse (CAP) technology, Affirm's laser therapy treats and restores "micro-dots" of affected skin. The laser stimulates the skin's inner and outer layers to contract, which improves the skin's texture, eliminating scars, wrinkles and even years of sun damage after just five skin rejuvenation treatments scheduled one month apart.

Affirm's results are both deep and long-lasting. For imperfections such as acne scars, the improvement is permanent. Skin texture improvements will last up to two years without maintenance treatments.

The Affirm Technology
Imagine a powerful laser shining through a sieve, creating hundreds of tiny "micro-dots." This is what Affirm's CAP skin rejuvenation technology provides. The cap allows tiny discrete areas of the skin to be affected; treated areas are surrounded by untreated skin. Any damage on the treated microdots of skin is literally vaporized, and the skin then contracts, resulting in a dramatic improvement in tone and texture.

Some clients may experience very mild discomfort during Affirm. Treated skin may be red for one or two days following skin rejuvenation treatment.

Affirm services available at select locations in Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago, Salt Lake City and the Detroit Metropolitan area. Call 1-866-514-9150 for more information.