Stagnant weather pattern through Tuesday

The local weather pattern remains stagnant the next two or three days.Temperatures remain warmer than average with plenty of humidity in the forecast too.Rain chances are slim the next two or three days, but slim chances exist Wednesday and Thursday.Moisture levels increase across the entire area

  Slow Warming Trend With Few Rain Chances

  Mild temperatures overnight

  Warmer and Dry Conditions Begin Today

Your Weekend Outlook

  Weekend Rain Outlook

  Storm Chances on the Increase

Continued Coverage

  Some strong storms late today

  Isolated storms Wednesday night

Holding pattern, for now

Unsettled weather continues through Thursday

  Favorable rain pattern

Rain chance continues through Tuesday

  Flooding rain possible

Rain and storms arrived just about on schedule late yesterday, and more are expected. Some spots have already received significant rainfall, and more is likely.

  Rain in the forecast through Tuesday

Cloudy skies are in the forecast across West Texas Sunday and Monday.

  Hot and Sunny Saturday Forecast

This may well be the last weekend with threatening triple digit heat as the subtropical ridge which has dominated our weather pattern begins to break down and give way to more fall-like conditions.

Subtle changes for your weekend

Your Weekend Outlook

  Weekend heat, next week rain

  More heat, but some rain headed this way, soon.

  Weather change, but first...

A pattern change in the extended forecast

  Changes on our weather horizon

Hot weather continues

  Slight chance of a slight change

Signs of the start of Fall are behind us: The start of Friday Night Football, Tech's first football game, the start of Meteorological Fall, and Labor Day. However, there's almost no change in our weather in the near-term. But there are a couple of features which may bring changes by early next week.

Low rain chance the next few days

Rain chances are expected to remain very low for the next few days as high pressure builds across the region.A weak cold front attempts to cross the Panhandle late Tuesday into Wednesday, but this is not a guarantee.We can expect a few clouds this evening and overnight.

Above Average Temperatures Continue

Warm and humid morning leads to another hot afternoon with high temperatures in the low to mid 90′s.

  Hot and dry this Labor Day

Dry weather is expected across the South Plains for your Labor Day and Tuesday with highs in the lower to middle 90’s each day.Rain chances are expected to remain very low for the next few days as high pressure builds across the region.A weak cold front attempts to cross the Panhandle late Tuesday

  Hot and Humid With Slight Chance of Showers

Warm and humid morning leads to another hot afternoon with high temperatures in the low to mid 90′s.

  Overnight showers and storms possible

Warm and humid weather conditions are expected across the South Plains tonight.Models are showing potential for a few storms to make a run for the northwestern South Plains late tonight through daybreak Sunday. Lightning, wind gusts to 45 mph and brief downpours are possible

Slight storm chance for your Saturday

Warm and humid weather conditions are expected across the South Plains Saturday.Skies will be partly sunny across the region today with isolated to widely scattered thunderstorms possible this afternoon.Storms will be very spotty in nature, but capable of lightning and gusty winds

Your Labor Day Outlook

Labor Day Weekend forecast has some heat and maybe rain

  Football, Labor Day, and storms

The end of August and the unofficial end to Summer are upon us. My forecast includes a slight chance of storms, but also a lot of sunshine and lingering summer-heat. Details in today's post.

Rain for football games?

Some heat and possible some rain this weekend

  Game Day and Labor Day weather

In the days ahead our rain chances will slip back to slim to none and temperatures will return to above average for the season. We're looking for signs of Autumn. The Labor Day holiday weekend is one of those signs, the first TTU football game is another, and September is knocking.

  Summer heat returning

More heat, less rain chances

  Heavy rain update: How much

Storms and showers were scattered across nearly the entire KCBD viewing area this morning. Some of the storms were strong with heavy rain, small hail and strong wind gusts. Today's post covers rain chances and temperatures through the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.

Clouds, Patchy fog and scattered showers and storms possible tonight

Cooler than average temperatures have replaced extreme heat from Monday.Clouds and a few showers are possible through Wednesday.A couple of thunderstorms are also possible across the viewing area. No severe weather is expected.Humidity levels remain high and areas of fog and drizzle occurs

  BIG change, but summer’s not over

BIG change in temperatures today, but summer is not done with us yet. Here's our outlook through the Labor Day holiday weekend.

  Lubbock hits heat record, major drop in temperatures coming

Chief Meteorologist John Robison says we’ve officially hit 103 degrees, breaking the previous record for August 26 of 102 from 1922.

  FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY: Triple-digit temperatures across the South Plains

It's the hottest day of the year, with dangerous heat this afternoon. In the KCBD viewing area there is an Excessive Heat Warning and a Heat Advisory in effect.

  First Alert Weather Day Monday for extreme heat

The First Alert Forecast Team has designated Monday as First Alert Weather Day.Dangerous heat will continue across the South Plains with Heat Advisories in effect for the area Monday afternoon.High pressure will build across West Texas Monday

  Heat advisory continues Monday

Extreme heat today and tomorrow will bring dangerous temperatures across the region in the 105 to 110 degree range. Viewers should limit outdoor activities.

Storms possible along with record heat

Storms tonight, Record heat late weekend

  Rare weather event drops more than 1.5 inches of rain at Lubbock airport

Rarely seen, a nearly stationary thunderstorm over the Lubbock airport dumped 1.59" in the rain gauge in just over an hour while all but the far northeastern corner of the city remained bone-dry. Here are some other rain totals, the outlook for more rain, and the looming triple-digit heat.

Brief heat relief and rain

Less heat, maybe more rain

  Brief relief, Drought and fire

Rain didn't make it to Lubbock overnight, but some rain-cooled air did. This morning was just a little cooler and this afternoon won't be as hot. The slight drop, however, won't last long. If you're a heat-lover, boy do I have a forecast for you. If you're not, I still may have something for you.

Update on rain outlook

Temperatures will drop another degree or two, almost imperceptibly, this afternoon and then a bit more tomorrow. Unfortunately, the shift from very hot to just-hot doesn't last long. Triple-digit highs return in my Extended Forecast, which you can view right here on our Weather Page.

Above average temperatures continue

Very warm temperatures continue across the South Plains through Wednesday.A slim chance of showers and thunderstorms will exist across the extreme Northwestern and Western half of the South Plains viewing area.This includes areas near Muleshoe, Morton, Plains, Denver City and Seminole.

  Wildfire danger increasing

Triple-digit highs return to parts of the viewing this afternoon, and so do a few of those isolated thunderstorms. However, today won't be as hot as recent days and the chance of rain for any given spot is slim.

Slim storm chance this evening

Very warm temperatures continue across the South Plains Monday.Stray showers and storms are possible this evening, mainly north and west of Lubbock.Brief downpours, wind gusts to 50 mph and occasional cloud to ground lightning strikes are possible with any storm that develops.

  After the hottest day of the year

After record high-temperatures over the weekend some heat relief is in sight. Some, a little, a smidgen, a bit of gradual heat relief. Here are the numbers.

  Lubbock sets another record high, isolated storms possible tonight

Lubbock set another record high temperature Sunday.Lubbock International Airport reached 105 degrees Sunday breaking the record high of 103 degrees set in 1994.There is a slight chance of thunderstorms east of Lubbock.A grassfire helped fuel the development of thunderstorms in Cottle County

  Heat Wave Continues With Some Storm Chances

Dangerous heat today with record breaking triple digit temperatures expected again this afternoon.

  Lubbock breaks record high Saturday, record heat possible again Sunday

Lubbock set a record high temperature Saturday.Lubbock International Airport reached 104 degrees Saturday breaking the record high of 103 degrees set in 1978.The above average high temperatures were able to trigger a few showers and thunderstorms. Most areas received little or no rainfall.

  Scorching temps continue through the weekend

Another scorcher on the South Plains Saturday. We’re expecting to get up to 103 degrees.

  Scorcher coming this weekend

Possible Record Temps this weekend

Scorching weekend, but next week?

As hot as it's been, it's going to get hotter. Rain chances will remain low, but some spotty storms are possible. In this post, however, one of the major computer forecast models is teasing some significant change in the extended period.

Scattered storms and more heat

Brief break in heat and some storms

  Summer spends its vacation here

Some years, and this is one, high pressure sets up over the southern US and just vacations here the entire summer. This pattern lends itself to hot and dry weather, with the occasional exception. Vacation has ended for school children and teachers, but not yet for the persistent high pressure.

A few storms possible overnight, warmer weather on the way

A weak cold front has pushed well to the south and offered little relief from the heat.Lubbock managed to warm into the middle 90’s Wednesday afternoon.A few clouds may move across the area tonight with isolated to widely scattered thunderstorms possible late tonight

Marginally severe storms possible

Storm and rain chances remain low, but greater than zero. When and where is the best chance of rain?

Slightly cooler temperatures overnight

A weak cold front has tracked across the area bringing a slight drop in temperatures across the Lubbock area Tuesday afternoon.Southern areas around Snyder topped out above 100 degrees once again with minimal relief from the cold front.Look for partly cloudy skies across the area tonight.

El Niño and our Winter

Following last night's cold front, the South Plains area will not be as hot. At least for a while. Our storm and rain outlooks are like recent days and weeks. My temperature and rain outlooks, and an El Niño update, are in this post. Watch for the accompanying video later this morning.

Slight storm chance, cooler Tuesday

Very hot temperatures continue across the South Plains Monday.Relief is expected Tuesday as a cold front moves across the area Monday evening.This frontal boundary will switch winds to the North and bring a drop in temperatures for the next two or three days.A few showers/storms possible.

  Cold front on the way

A cold front is now moving toward the KCBD viewing area. It will bring some cooling, but not much and not for long. My forecast begins before the front arrives.

  Few storms west of Lubbock, hot again Monday

Lubbock was able to reach 100 degrees again Sunday afternoon. This fell shy of the record high of 103 degrees set in 1936.Our morning low of 78 degrees set a record high minimum temperature for the date breaking the old record of 75 degrees set in 1948.The weather pattern remains hot Monday

  Triple Digits With Spotty Rain Showers Possible

Repeating yesterday’s forecast with a slightly increased chance for isolated showers to develop closer to Lubbock this afternoon and evening.

  Very Hot and Sunny with Few Rain Chances in The Forecast

The weekend will be a hot one on the South Plains while upper level high pressure continues to control the region.

  A weekend of heat and sun

Your Weekend Outlook

  Record highs missing, however...

No record high temperatures recently, but some record warm lows in Lubbock. There’s more of the same ahead, and I expect this pattern until Tuesday and Wednesday.

More Heat, Maybe Rain

You may get rain; you will get hot

Strong storm potential

Additional isolated storms and showers are likely from about mid-afternoon into early evening. Some may become quite strong, perhaps marginally severe, producing pockets of heavy rain, very strong winds, and - of course - lightning.

Stray storms tonight, hot temperatures continue

Hot weather conditions continue across the South Plains through the upcoming weekend.Isolated to widely scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible this evening and overnight tonight.A few showers and sprinkles may linger through noon Thursday.No severe weather is expected

Don’t hold your breath

If you liked yesterday's weather, boy do I have a forecast for you. If you are waiting for a notable change... don't hold your breath for it.

Triple digit heat possible the next few days

Partly cloudy skies are in the forecast across the South Plains tonight.An isolated shower or thunderstorm risk exists for our northwestern counties and also across our extreme southeastern counties through midnight.No severe weather is expected if showers or thunderstorms develop across the area.

  Unsettled VS settled

Lows (and the often accompanying cold fronts) tend to bring unsettled weather while highs settled weather. Even if I don't again mention it, high pressure, it is still the dominant element in my forecast.

Late night showers possible, more heat on the way

A slight chance of showers and thunderstorms will be in our forecast through the overnight hours.Storms in New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle region will attempt to move southward this evening and overnight.No severe weather is expected.Brief downpours, lightning and wind gusts to 40 mph

  Hot but not totally dry

What to expect in our weather this week? Our recent persistent hot and mostly dry weather (see below) was courtesy of a strong high-pressure area. It may have weakened a little, but it hasn't gone away. And, as I mentioned Friday here, it will be strengthening over our area this week.

  Low rain chance and hot temperatures on the way

High pressure dominates the weather pattern over the next few days.This means we can expect temperatures to get even hotter as we roll through the rest of the work week.Opportunities for rainfall will depend on what happens in New Mexico over the next few days. Highest rain chances will likely

  Triple Digits Return By End of Week

This morning we are starting with some slightly cooler temperatures and more cloud cover which has created some visibility issues if you’re traveling east this morning.

  Scattered showers and storms Saturday evening

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible across the area through sunset. Storms could produce brief downpours, cloud to ground lightning and small hail. Wind gusts to 50 mph are possible underneath stronger storms that develop.Isolated showers and storms are possible Saturday evening with