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Construction sites are hot spot for thieves, contractors fed up


Local law enforcement says construction sites are a hot spot for thieves this summer. Wednesday night a west Lubbock County site was broken into costing the home builders and contractors thousands of dollars.

Corey Meadows, Top Cut Interiors' owner, came to work Thursday morning to a construction site in the Verrado Estates off of 50th and FM 179 … only to find his tools stolen once again. That makes five break-ins in just five months.

"I had the air compressor chained to the table saw, and the chain that I had bought for it couldn't be cut with bolt cutters. Instead of cutting the chain they cut the table saw, and just took the air compressor and chain," said Meadows.

After causing damage to the door, the table saw, and the stolen air compressor – not to mention time lost on the job – Meadows says last night's thieves will cost him about $2,000.

"It's out of hand. It just has to quit. I'm getting tired of replacing all of it," he said. "You have to come to work and very first thing in the morning you find everything stolen. Then you spend half the day trying to replace it all and get everybody back going again. It's gets overwhelming."

With all the recent break-ins Meadows says he checks Craigslist and pawnshops daily to see if he can find his tools. He has even started spray painting his initials on the tools hoping someone would come forward with them.

"It's pathetic that it's to the point where we have to worry about trying to install cameras. I think our next move is to try and take all of our stuff and locking it up in the shop," said Meadows. "I think if more people were made aware of it there would be more people watching for this suspicious activity that's going on. There has to be someone that sees these people."

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