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Occupy protestors report member threatened at gunpoint

Andrew McMillan (far right) and the Occupy Lubbock protestors (KCBD File Photo) Andrew McMillan (far right) and the Occupy Lubbock protestors (KCBD File Photo)

Occupy Lubbock protestors are on alert after they say someone threatened one of their members with a gun Monday night.

Protestors tell us three men in a black pickup truck parked behind the camp and started shouting obscenities at them.

Protestor Andrew McMillan, 23, confronted the men and chased after them as they drove away, attempting to get the truck's license plate.

Another protestor, D.J. Kanmore, was on site and witnessed the event.

"I've been scared. I've been frightened all night since it happened," Kanmore said. "We have no reason to be violent and I don't understand why they want to be violent towards us."

Kanmore says the men appeared to become angry when they saw McMillan attempting to get their license plate number. Kanmore says the vehicle stopped, then one man in the truck drew a firearm and told McMillan to ‘get on his knees' at gunpoint.

McMillan then ran out onto 19th Street while calling the police on his cell phone.

Police confirm that McMillan called first, but they say the men in the truck reported feeling ‘threatened' by McMillan.

Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said one of the men in the truck admitted to having a weapon, but police say he had a concealed handgun license.

"I honestly don't believe that should give them the right to pull it out on someone who is unarmed," Kanmore said.

McMillan was arrested by police after they discovered outstanding warrants unrelated to Monday's incident. Online jail records indicate three separate misdemeanor charges, at least one year old, with fines totaling near $1,000.

Police have identified all of the individuals inside the truck. Police say they will continue to investigate to determine if charges will be filed against them.

Witnesses say the incident took place near the exit to a nearby hotel. Hotel officials say they weren't aware of the incident until our newscast. They tell us there are no cameras on that site of the building.

While on site, KCBD NewsChannel 11 spoke to a man from the Lubbock County jail who identified himself as McMillan. The caller confirmed the witness account.

Officials at the jail confirmed McMillan did make a phone call to a Lubbock phone during the time we had the conversation.

KCBD is working to identify and get comments from the men in the truck, but their identities have not been released and we have not been able to identify them as of Tuesday night.

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