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Vicious dog attack leaves dog dead, owner injured

Baby, a dachshund, was injured in the attack. Baby, a dachshund, was injured in the attack.
Trista Brandon suffered injuries while trying to break up the attack. Trista Brandon suffered injuries while trying to break up the attack.

A dog owner is pleading for help after a vicious dog attack this morning in west Lubbock. The owner had to put down one of her dogs, and another was injured after she says a pack of dogs attacked them on her own property.

Dog owner Trista Brandon says she was leaving her home near 34th Street and Research Boulevard about 9 a.m. when she saw a man on her property with about five or six dogs that looked like greyhounds.

She says her two little dogs, a poodle named Lucy Lu and a dachshund named Baby, ran toward the pack of dogs.

Tears ran down Trista's face as she described what happened next.

"His dogs immediately started attacking my poodle. One had her by the head, and another had her by the tail and were just trying to rip her apart," Trista said. "Our little poodle isn't going to make it because her esophagus was punctured. Our little dachshund just had back surgery about two months ago, so she couldn't even run. They're going to try to stitch her up."

The veterinarian told Trista all the muscles between Lucy's neck and shoulder had been ripped out. In extreme pain, there was nothing left to do but euthanize her beloved dog. Baby had seven stitches on her side and is now at home, still heavily sedated.

Trista says she and her mom were also victims of the brutal attack. "I was just trying to hit and kick and do whatever I could to try to get them off her. My hand is pretty bad. I can barely move my fingers. I think they hit nerves when they bit down," she said pointing at her bandaged arm.

"My mom drove up and was trying to put the car in park, but missed and put it in neutral. The car started to roll and rolled over my poor mom's foot fracturing two bones," she said. "She was also bitten in the hand."

Trista says the man kept saying things like don't call the police, and that he would pay the vet bills, but before she could get his information he quickly drove off with his dogs. "He just took off like he didn't care," she said with tears streaming down her face. "I can't believe he didn't even… yes people's dogs can have uncontrollable senses, but he could have stopped and took responsibility for his dog's actions."

She couldn't put in a police report because she was unable to get the man's license plate number, but with a detailed description of the man, she hopes someone will come forward with information.

She says he was a black male in his 60s, about six feet tall. She says the truck he was driving was a black Ford F150, possibly an older model - between a 1996 and 2003 with a more rounded body. There was also a large crate in the back where the dogs were kept.

If you have any information Trista's family asks that you call police or animal control.

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