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Taking the trash out...in your brain, that is

When you go to sleep, your brain goes into a cleaning frenzy. That's according to new study in the journal ‘Science'.

Researchers injected brain plaque into the brains of mice, then kept some awake and allowed others to sleep. Turns out the mice that got to sleep cleared out the plaque from their brain faster than those who stayed awake.

Dr. Bradley Miller, a Neuroscientist, says this explains why sleep is medicine for the brain.

"It's as if you're so busy doing other things in your house that you can't take out your garbage. Well, when you go to sleep, the neurons can turn off. The brain can turn its' attention to taking out the trash. So, awake the brain is working along the lines of thinking. When you're asleep, it's working along the lines of cleaning out the garbage," says Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller is on the research team at Eli-Lilli pharmaceuticals and tests important new drugs in the fight against Alzheimer's…along with peanut butter.

You see, some studies suggest Alzheimer's patients tend to lose their sense of smell early in the disease, so they're using peanut butter to test for that, since it has such a strong odor.

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