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Mark Ysasaga's mother issues open letter to LISD

Photo provided by family Photo provided by family

Mark Ysasaga's mother, Anna Maria Ysasaga-Cuevas, sent this statement to Lubbock media on Wednesday:

When my son went missing nearly four years ago his friends and their families were constantly there for me and our family. They helped organize searches, they helped us search, they asked questions, and they were there for his siblings and myself as we agonized over where he could be and if he was alright.

Over the past four years these people have become more than my son's friends, they have become a part of our family.

My son's disappearance and murder has become just as much a piece of his friends and their families lives as it has my families.

As the class of 2016 prepares to graduate next month many friends, family, and members of the community have asked if the school will be doing anything to celebrate and remember my son should be a member of this graduating class.

When I met with school administration to ask if it would be possible to do something similar to what Colorado City did to remember Hailey Dunn, a student there who was also abducted and murdered, I was told LISD would not allow any sort of tribute because then they would have to provide the same sort of memorial for all students who passed before graduation.

As I left the school heartbroken I decided it was time for someone to fight for all these parents who have lost children and to give these kids and their families a voice.

I agree 100% with the statement that all children who passed should be recognized and celebrated at graduation, regardless of the cause. Losing a child is the. Out difficult thing a family will ever go through, but the reality is the child's friends also suffer a loss that will stay with them forever as well.

By honoring children who passed away before graduation the schools will be giving the parents of these kids a chance to celebrate the tradition of their child's friends and give the graduating class a way to celebrate and remember a friend who, for whatever reason is not there to walk the stage with them.

All I am asking is that LISD reserve a row of chairs (or a chair) for each child who passed away before graduation. They could place a picture of that child and a single white rose in the chair as a way to honor students who touched the lives of their friends, their teachers, and families in our community. It could be the first row, in the middle, or place the chair where the child would actually be seated during the ceremony. And prior to handing out the diplomas explain what the chairs represent, call each child's name and ask for a moment of silence for the child's family and friends and they start this new chapter in their lives.

This is something I feel strongly about not just or my son but for other families who have lost a child. As parents we invested time in our children, we made sure they were at school, that they did their homework, we participated in school activities, PTA, attended parties, helped in classrooms, and just like other parents looked forward to seeing our child walk across that stage to receive their diploma.

Please LISD, show us our child mattered to you, show the community the words "Lubbock ISD EVERY CHILD EVERY DAY" is more than just a slogan written on the website and the side of a bus."

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