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Lubbock County Commissioners discuss pay raises for county employees

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In budget hearings today Lubbock County Commissioners discussed pay raises for county employees. 

Lubbock County Auditor Jackie Latham said today that an across-the-board increase of three percent in salaries has been allotted for all departments. Latham explained, however, that not all employees will receive a raise.

"We're leaving it to the discretion of the department heads to decide how that increase is distributed to employees," said Latham.

Maintenance chief Lyle Fetterly told commissioners that he preferred that method so that he could reward his better employees but withhold raises from employees who were not performing acceptably.

Commissioner Bubba Sedeno expressed his reservations over the method chosen by the commissioners because it left itself open to abuse and favoritism.

No vote on the budget was taken in today's meetings.

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