Curbside Delivery: Lubbock mother delivers baby in parking lot

Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 5:37 PM CST
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LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A month before Christmas, Lubbock mom Jasmyne Hughes was blessed with the gift of her baby girl. The birth was nothing short of a miracle, in the parking lot outside her apartment.

“So the whole pregnancy I’m like, I hope I be here when my water break. I hope I be there. I hope this don’t happen. I hope that don’t happen,” Hughes said.

Hughes had it all planned out. With a due date of December 4, she had a feeling her baby would arrive a week early, just like her first daughter Ja’Syiah. She hoped this delivery would be nothing like the first, a 19-hour-long labor in the hospital.

“I was really just talking, but I guess God answered my prayers,” Hughes said.

Hughes woke up with contractions Saturday morning. She went to the hospital, but was told it wasn’t time yet and was sent home. About an hour later at her apartment, her baby couldn’t wait any longer.

“At that time, I didn’t even know. But I don’t know, something told me to check, so I checked and I said oh no, her head’s right here. So then I called again, I was like mom her head’s coming, we need to go to the hospital,” Hughes said.

She rushed outside to her mom’s car, but it was too late to drive it anywhere.

“And I said, has your water broke? And as soon as I said that, her water broke. I was like okay. She was like momma, she coming. We sit down in the car. I look, sure enough, there’s a head. I’m like oh my gosh, we’re fixing to have a baby, right here, right now,” Jasmyne’s mom, Sabrina Hughes, said.

On a rainy morning in the front seat, baby girl Ja’Kyiah Washington was born.

“No pain, no medicine, no doctor, just me, her and her granny,” Hughes said.

Lubbock Fire Rescue showed up shortly after to cut the umbilical cord.

“I really appreciated like, I was happy that they were there to help me. And they wasn’t worried, I guess they really couldn’t be because it’s their job to do it, but they had it under control. They cut it and was like what’s next?” Hughes said.

EMS took the happy family to the hospital.

“As soon as I got the hospital, I had to kiss her on the forehead. And I said, you’re amazing and I’m so proud of you. You did such a great job,” Sabrina said.

“I didn’t have no worries at all, I was like hey, that worked out. That was easy. But I thought about those contractions was oh my gosh. But the whole labor part? I’d do it again in the rain in the car,” Hughes said.

As for Granny Hughes, she’ll stick to her day job.

“It was a great experience. It’s one that I would rather not have to experience again. But if I do, I kind of got an idea of what to expect,” Sabrina said.

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