Detective: When Samuel Little looks at you, its almost like he’s looking through you

Lubbock detectives details encounter with prolific serial killer

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - A 26-year-old cold case is finally coming to an end after a man, said to be America’s most prolific serial killer, confessed to killing a woman here in Lubbock. Samuel Little has been indicted for the murder of 37-year-old Bobbie Ann Fields-Wilson who was found dead on the side of a roadway in East Lubbock.

Now detectives with the Lubbock Police Department reveal how they met with Little face-to-face to get his murder confession.

Little has been connected to 60 murders, but he claims he has killed close to 100 people. He is currently serving three life sentences in the California Department of Corrections.

Brandon Price is one of the detectives who was assigned to Bobbie Fields murder case and traveled almost 1,500 miles to talk with the serial killer.

He said one of Little’s victims he confessed to killing in Wichita Falls was the one that resembled Bobbie Fields, but it wasn’t until after further investigation from the Texas Rangers that officials began to back that up.

“The location moved from Wichita Falls from, with Little’s confessions, a small area between Amarillo and Lubbock Texas," Price said.

Samuel Little's drawing said to be murdered Bobbie Fields.
Samuel Little's drawing said to be murdered Bobbie Fields. (Source: FBI, LPD)

All the pieces were starting to fall into place and all evidence was pointing in the direction of Little, but they just needed a confession. In order to get that confession, Price, along with another detective, flew from Lubbock to California to meet with Little.

“We practiced on the plane, we practiced the day before, we practiced on the road over there trying to work out all the bugs," Price said.

Soon enough, they were face-to-face with Little.

Samuel Little, who could be the most prolific serial killer in the United States, has been charged in the 1993 murder of Bobbie Ann Fields.
Samuel Little, who could be the most prolific serial killer in the United States, has been charged in the 1993 murder of Bobbie Ann Fields. (Source: Lubbock Police Department)

“He didn’t feel remorse. When he speaks, he speaks just in general topics. He’s looking at you, but he’s almost like he’s looking through you," Price said. “It’s really different.”

Both detectives did not want to give away the fact they were from Lubbock because they didn’t want to sway Little. Both told Little they were there to talk about the woman he confessed to murdering in Wichita Falls. Little immediately recognized her, but began to make slight changes to the appearance of the drawing.

“When he basically described the differences between that drawing that he did and the photo we had of Bobbie Fields, he was literally describing (Fields),” Price said.

The confession didn’t stop there, they showed Little a map of the area Field’s body was found in 1993, but without any indication that it was Lubbock or it was the crime scene.

Location where Little confessed to killing Fields.
Location where Little confessed to killing Fields. (Source: LPD)

“(Little) looked at that map there from 26 years ago, and was able to literally say, ‘where’s Amarillo?’, ‘where’s Wichita Falls?’ and orient himself geographically," Price said. “Once I pointed above the map because it wasn’t on there, he literally was able to look on there and take his finger, go across it and go, ‘we must have been right over here’, and when he put his finger down, he was within 200 feet of where Bobbie Fields was found.”

Little told the detectives his encounter with Fields was very short and they didn’t know each other. He said he was driving through town and she got in his car with him, a 1978 yellow Cadillac Eldorado. The car Fields was last seen getting into in 1993.

“No matter what we presented to him, there was credibility from him and he would respond. He was elated at times and he’s like, ‘this is it’ and ‘she was right over here’. Because of his memory, which was phenomenal, it was great for credibility," Price said. “We went through it and he ended up describing the physical description characteristics as Bobbie Fields, from her size, weight to hair color, and other features.”

Little has been indicted by a Lubbock Grand Jury for the murder of Bobbie Ann Fields-Wilson by strangulation in 1993. Little is serving three life sentences in California but it is unlikely that he will ever be extradited to Lubbock County.

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