Local business with ties to Utah State is ready for Coach Wells

Matt Wells fans excited he is coming to Texas Tech

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Soda Shack food truck has roots here in Lubbock, but they also have family ties to Utah State.

Doug Bray, the brother of Soda Shack’s owner, says that as a family they have always kept up with the colleges in Utah and they’re excited for Matt Wells to be here.

“We just really like how he coaches and what he’s gonna bring to the table. I definitely think he’s an up and coming coach for sure. We needed Kliff Kingsbury when we brought him in and now we need to move forward. I really like Matt Wells,” Bray said.

One reason, Bray said, is because Coach Wells is used to being the underdog since he competed against large schools like The University of Utah and Brigham Young University.

“He had to deal with the same issues that Texas Tech does. There’s a couple of other big schools there in Utah that he had to recruit against, which Texas Tech obviously has to do here in Texas,” Bray said.

Coming from Utah, Bray believes that Coach Wells has the potential to draw in out-of-state players, along with the already experienced staff he’s bringing in.

"He definitely has the ties to California because Utah State is known for their California Players. I also like his offensive coordinator and I understand he’s coming with him. So I don’t think there’s gonna be a drop off in the offense, but there should be an uptick in the defense,” Bray said.

Overall, Bray says that he trusts the decision made by Kirby Hocutt and hopes other Texas Tech fans will as well.

“I mean he’s definitely built up the baseball team and the basketball team so I have a lot of confidence in him. And with what Wells has done the last few years, I think he is a good pick,” Bray said.


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